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Here we gather notes and research regarding Pubishing Strategies for an Open Think Tank.

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# My Research Group Below we list some sites of authors to write with. You can also view the Research Group Activity, of the authors in this list.

Research group REFERENCES podclub.cc/research-group

# People Here we list our writers and researchers on Thought Garden. If you are interested in becoming part of the team we run regular research groups at Newspeak House. - Ward's Recent Activity

# Thought Garden Sites In the About Roster Plugin below we list Thought Garden Sites

Static site generation is a simple and effective modern way to create web sites. Advantages include reduced complexity, easier compliance, cheaper hosting, amongst other benefits.

Thought Garden Sites REFERENCES thought.garden/thought-garden-sites

Thought Garden Projects REFERENCES outlandish.academy/outlandish-researchers REFERENCES wiki.feast.fm/feast-researchers REFERENCES thought.garden/thought-garden-sites REFERENCES permanent.wiki/permanent-web-sites